Two GMail accts, not syncing

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by dude_man, Sep 21, 2011.

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    Sep 21, 2011
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    I have recently decided to get a new gmail account which I am going to make my primary gmail account. I really am trying to switch over completely but for now I am just forwarding everything from the old one to the new one and just using the new one.

    ANYWAY, so I added the gmail acct to my droid and discovered you can't simply switch gmail accounts (I'm sure you knew this). Well Ok, I can keep both I suppose, but once I added my other account, I stopped getting notifications and I think both addresses aren't synced properly now. I went back to sync them, and nothing happens. I have mail on my laptop but not on my phone.

    I google'd this problem and all I could find was going into your app manager and clearing your storage data. This worked for a while now it's back to not being synced.

    Help! :)