[Tutorial/Guide] Fix - Lag on 2.2 Google OS

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    Since I'm on my Droid and I don't have a computer I realized a lot of people have been having a lag issue with opening their home screen that takes at least 30 seconds or even more to open I have searched throughout the forums and found a solution.

    Things you will need:
    AWD Launcher - android market
    Cachecleaner ng - android market
    Super task killer - android market
    Vmheap - Droid market
    All items are free

    Okay let's start, install all these applications and setup uour home screen and all your pages if you don't like awd oh well I'm sorry. Next head to stk (super task killer) and go click menu on your droid then settings tap list all programs or applications make sure you tick to keep the only one (if you choose) to be google framework blah blah. Once you do that go to cachecleaner and change the settings to automatically clean each day. After go to your home screen tap menu then go to awd settings then go to general behavior then system preferences then tick system persistant this helped my whole lag issue it never came back 2 days of testing just thought i'd share it and see if it helps anyone else anyways rock on guys have an amazing weekend I sent this all from my droid just cause I care about other people xD good luck guys !!!!!!!!!!

    Oh since I'm on my droid would any mod mind fixing up my thread and make it nice thanks and sorry if its in the wrong sections move if must other than that bye guys have a great weekend !
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