Tmail -- new app [Communication] attach files to SMS

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    Tmail -- new app [Communication]

    Phonelight software has released the Tmail app.

    Tmail breaks the restrictions of all the Messaging apps. It is the only app that allows the user to attach any kind of file to an MMS message. You are now not limited to image, audio or video file. Tmail has expanded the MMS capability.
    **** Amazing ****
    Tmail allows you to choose any file from the sdcard and send it over the MMS message. The maximum size of the file is the limit size of the MMS message which is 300KB.
    The sent message has two lines at the top as the following
    Tmail attachment
    This text is required to have Tmail receives your attached file. The attached file will be saved to sdcard/Download directory.
    ! -- Note that you have to set the Multimedia Message settings on your phone before using Tmail.

    Q: Should the recipient have the Tmail app to get the attached file?
    A: No, the recipient can use the Messaging app to save the attached file. But the file will be saved as an image and it has a jpg extension. The user has to remove that extension. For example he may find the saved file like documentation.pdf.jpg so the recipient has to rename it to documentation.pdf.

    Tmail may not work on all Android devices. If you encounter a problem, read the help or contact me. I reply to emails.

    * This is a trial version* You can only send 3 Tmail messages*. The full Tmail version is available.

    Try it.
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