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    I have been rooting phones for years mostly Motorola and HTC, but somehow I have really screwed up my Thunderbolt and cannot get it back working.

    Here goes the story. I received a phone through insurance because I cracked the screen on my old one. I got temp root access and downgraded to original thunderbolt ROM on release. I then rooted again and installed rooted upgrade from which I was going to then install a BAMF ROM. Anyways, when I rebooted after running HBOOT on the upgrade my phone went to the HTC screen as normal and then went black and back to HTC screen. This cycle would continue forever if I let it. I should have went into recovery and trying wiping data but didn't think of it at the time. I went back into HBOOT and it showed me with S-OFF but it was continuously going through the HTC to blank screen everytime I tried to boot it. So I did the worst thing possible and reflashed the original factory ROM back to try and root again without even thinking. I immediately got the security warning in HBOOT but it was now showing as S-ON. Everything wasn't working and I tried to upgrade to the latest nonrooted version that the thunderbolt is using today. Still the same thing, HTC to blank screen and back again.

    I am running HBOOT 1.04 and I can flash a ROM in HBOOT as I can see it going through all the settings. However, I cannot flash a new recovery or a different HBOOT at all. It goes through the checking P05IMG screen and the goes right back to the bootloader screen for both. When I try and go to Recovery it get a picture of a phone and a triangle with an exclamation point in it and then the phone tries to reboot like normal and of course back and forth to HTC screen as mentioned above. When I try and do a factory reset, I get a picture of a phone laying down and a green circle with an arrow facing downward. It keeps rebooting back to this same screen without doing anything.

    This is what information I have in HBOOT.

    MECHA XD SHIP S-ON (no security warning anymore)
    Feb 23 20011,20:42:55

    I have tried message boards and everything else, but no one has given me any information besides what I have just told you. If I can't get it fixed, I am going to try and send it back to insurance as being broken since all the ROM information should show the current version.

    Can someone tell me what is the most current ROM version for the thunderbolt? The latest version I have is 1.13.605.7 and installing the nonrooted version of this is what removed the security warning from my phone.

    Is there an ability to reinstall HTC Thunderbolt phone back to original state via computer like you can with a Motorola phone?
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