[THEMED APP] Xparent Blu Instagram for Android by Droid DOES!

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    If you are one of the Hipsters who is just now jumping onto the Instagram bandwagon thanks to the application's availability on the Google Play Market you will enjoy what developer "Droid DOES" has been working on! The applications release has really brought out the worst in the Apple fanboy cult following groups. Some have said things like "I feel gross knowing that people with an Android phone can follow me on instagram..." "If Instagram gets lame we all know who to blame #Android" and even some pretty hateful things like "Now we all get to see what people bought with their foodstamps" implying that Android users are poor! Not much you can do though right! Haters gon Hate! Now its time to get even! The new themed instagram app shows all the iphone haters what they will never be able to do, customize their locked down phones! Grab this themed app and rub it in their faces!

    The themed app includes custom text, and lots of custom images, plus a sick blue theme!

    Grab this themed app and discuss here!

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