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    Themes are one of the best ways to make your phone feel unique and really show off your own personality. The theme engine in Cyanogen Mod and other AOSP roms makes it super simple to change the theming of your device. The great thing about theme engine themes is that ever aspect of your phone is themed. Slate is a theme by theme developer "c_hale22" consisting of a light bright blue, dark greyish blue, grey and balck. This theme is really cutting edge since it is the only theme that includes these exact colors. You have not seen anything like this!

    You can see the amazing detail in this theme. One of the coolest parts of this theme has to be the quick settings theming. The background of each tile is blueish grey, and is bordered by a bright light blue which gives a glowing effect. Other themed elements include Framework, systemui, sms, falcon pro, google/aosp, gmail, swype, and quickpic. You can grab this theme from the df link below.

    Grab this theme and discuss here
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