Theme Converter Makes Your Favorite Theme Compatible With Your Favorite Launcher

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    If you search for launcher in the play store you will find a nearly endless list of custom home screen replacement apps. One of the top features of custom launchers is the ability to add an icon theme. If you were to search for themes on the play store the list would be even longer. All of this variety is great, but there is a downside. Not every theme is compatible with every launcher, at least not until now. Developer "redphx" has just released an app that will convert your favorite theme to make it completely compatible with your favorite launcher. Theme Converter supports six custom launcher thems including ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher, Dodol Launcher, Go Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Solo Launcher. The converted theme will actually work with ten launchers including the ones listed above as well as Action, Aviate, Holo, and Next. Head to the link below to download the Theme Converter.

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    Now THAT'S what I call innovation. What a thinker! He's clearly thinking outside the box, and from his logo he knows it (T wrapped around the outside of the box).

    Not only does it convert themes, but it removes unnecessary permissions in the process! Bravo!
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