The LG V20 Has Officially Been Torture Tested By JerryRigEverything!

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    The V10 from last year must have been one of the most durable Android handsets ever. The V series from LG, both the V10 and V20, have been advertised as having Military-Grade impact resistance. The V10 from last year had those beefy steel bars which took much of the brunt of a drop absorbing most of the impact. The V20 is said to have the same durability rating even without the steel bars.The LG V20 seems to do well with drops being able to withstand most drops from 4ft according to the Military Standard spec.

    The question is how well will this phone hold up under extreme torture tests? By now you are probably well familiar with Zack of JerryRigEverything. His channel focuses on the durability testing of cell phone by implementing a series of tests (bend, scratch, burn). The V20 with its plastic and metal build did not fair so well in the scratch department. In fact even keys did some pretty severe damage to the metal back of the device. The phone actually fared quite well in both burn and bend tests however. You likely won't be bending your phone just by sitting on it.
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