The interesting game: "Test your memory"

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    You own a smart phone and are finding an application which helps you release stress? From self experience, I introduce to you a fabulous application, simple play but difficult conquer: “Test your memory”.
    The game brings you relaxing not boring moments. With about 11 attracting types of game, 21 levels for both children and adult and eye-catching graphic theme, the game will surely entertain everyone in your family.
    "Test Your Memory" provides you with the suitable choices. The rule is to find the same pictures belonging to one theme you have already selected, you have to really concentrate to remember the location of the picture. The higher the level is, the more pictures there are. There are two settings: one player or two player (you and the system). For the former, you have to finish all pictures before time is over. For the latter, you have to compete with the competitor for the number of turned pictures without time limit.
    Outstanding features:
    - Easy play, cater for all ages
    - Improve memory and quick-mindedness
    - Lively sound
    - Various choices
    - Flexible time alarm (em khong hieu chuong thoi gian la cai j a?)
    - Easy feedback
    Let’s richen your world of application with this useful game. Download it by click here:
    App Store - Test your memory