The Air Dock Wireless Charger / Dock

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    The Air Dock is a completely wireless charging station that fits anywhere on a desk, nightstand or even the dashboard of a car. With no clips, clamps or wires to tangle, this wireless phone charger is not only the best solution for a dead battery, but it the simplest solution as well.

    There are many phones that will work with the Air Dock wireless phone charger as long as the phone has a wireless charging compatible case. The hardware required for wireless charging will be built into these special cases. The glossy back surface makes the phone compatible with the Air Dock. -

    Because not all phones have the perfectly smooth and glossy back, the Air Dock has strategically placed magnets to hold phones with metal disks in place. Phones that already have a metal on the back, such as Galaxy line of Android-powered phones, will help keep the phone on the wireless charger better. -

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