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    I often need to send messages to a lot of different people where the basic text changes slightly. Most of the time the message needs to go via SMS and regardless of what anyone tries to tell you the Android is not as friendly as a full size keyboard for doing this. So let me share with you how I do it.

    I use vim to create my basic message on my C drive. I save it to the persons name eg MELISSA.TXT. Then I make whatever changes are needed for the next file and save it eg MIKE.TXT.

    I connect the droid and mount the SD card.

    I open ASTRO and then open the first file with the FILE EDITOR

    I Select all text and select copy.

    I open HANDCENT or GROUPSMS and then paste it and send.

    repeat as needed.

    Delete the files when done.

    I find this to be particularly handy if I am doing a cut and paste of a URL.

    This is a lot of work for one message but when I need to send multiple with minor variances it goes much faster than trying to fat finger the droid keyboard.