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    Ok I have searched far and wide, and called Verizon, and gotten a new phone... But this still happens! Maybe you all can help!

    So I got my HTC Thunderbolt in October 2011, and have the oddest issue. My phone will randomly (almost 100% of the time with long texts) send a text message that appears normal to me as the sender, however the receiver will get a mass jumbled text that is a mess of old texts combined, sometimes three or four texts all just combined in sections together. Annoyingly enough, it tends to match up somewhat to the others, causing my fiancee to get a text that almost makes sense but will not fit the conversation at all.

    So this occurred a lot, almost getting me into trouble at times, and I got tired of calling Verizon and them telling me to reset or factory default or other junk. I eventually said I need a new thunderbolt. I get one, and It still happens! Here's what I know for sure:

    1) its not the phone. The new phone sends messages that contain text from messages I sent on the previous phone. It has to be server related.

    2) it may have to do with a common word between the texts, which makes the text almost make grammatical sense at times. (ex. The current text contains "work", and it may combine with an old text that also contains "work" and it will switch from one text to another)

    3) it happens much more frequently the longer the text is, up to nearly 100% of the time with a long novel of a text.

    4) it happens no matter which app I send the text with, I tend to use handcent most of the time.

    Is anyone else having this problem?! Verizon has been very nice but totally unhelpful, and I love the phone but can't stand this annoyance! Almost lost my girlfriend the first time it happened, the resulting text sounded like a mis-text meant to be sent to another woman! Now she just laughs at it and tells me to resend it. Weirdly enough, her phone is starting to do it too! Any advice?! Thanks!
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