New messages are fine... replies and forwards fail

Discussion in 'Thunderbolt Tech Support' started by pauled, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Hey all

    We got some new HTC Thunderbolts and I have them syncing with our mail server via exchange activesync. Everything works fine except for replies and forwards.

    If I create a new message, it sends without a problem but if I do a reply or forward the phone immediately pops and error... "Unable to send mail" This only happens one replies and forwards.

    One thing I did discover is if I disable "Reply with original text" in the Send and Receive settings the replies and forwards will work, but of course without the quoted e-mail.

    Also, if i leave the "Reply with original text" on and I do a reply and manually remove the quoted text it will also work, but again, no quoted text.

    I get the same results on my first gen Droid. The iPhones, iPads, iPods work without a problem.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this on the Thunderbolt?

    Thanks in advanced.
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