Team Win Recovery Project updates to 2.1 with tons of new features!

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    [FONT='Lucida Sans Unicode', arial]A few months ago Team Win Recovery Project got the Touch Recovery ball rolling with their release of TWRP2.0. It made modifications possible on devices that had no removable battery and no navigation buttons like the Kindle Fire. It also was just cool to have an easy to use Recovery that was more intuitive! The release of 2.0 came with tons of functionality, but 2.1 which was just released includes some game changing updates! [/FONT]

    [FONT='Lucida Sans Unicode', arial]Some changes include the ability to use both internal and external storage, Slider control (swipe to confirm most actions ie swipe to wipe data), Lockscreen with slider to unlock (to keep from accidentally selecting a task, FILE MANAGER copy, move, delete, and chmod any file (no more need to boot back into system and move a file when you realize you had it in the wrong place), added support for devices with /data/media, displays sizes of each partition in the backup menu, new devices added like the Galaxy Nexus!, added support for .jpg images in the theme engine, plus much more!

    Grab the new recovery here!

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