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    4/1/11 Team MagnaM0d exploding outta the gate with our first release... What are we releasing?!... We release themes created from the ground up. See we are not creating themes to leave on only one device, not even just one ROM. These themes we create are ready to be flashed on 10 devices and counting and are covering up
    to 2 to 3 custom ROMs on each device. We plan to build a whole collection of themes that can be flashed on as many devices as we can keep up with. So if you want
    to join us with our effort you can check us out at our website at or read the article written about us for more information on us and our personal section
    on The devices below are all ones that have our first theme available as of now with the list to grow as we add to our team of themers and developers.​
    Devices: Droid X | Droid 2 | Droid Incredible | Evo 4G | Nexus One | Nexus "S" | Desire | Desire HD | T-Mobile G2 | My Touch 4G |
    Our first project we worked so hard on to get ready for release today is called "Forbidden" which is completely based off of a dark and bright shade of three colors Red, Grey, and Gold hightlights. This theme has several extras included like a themed Gingerbread Keyboard (with more keyboards to come), RubiX's MMS.apk, Theme boot animation, over 20 system apps redone, Facebook and Twitter themed widgets (coming soon), a few wallpapers thrown in with the launcher, and more that I won't list on here to keep this a little shorter. Here are a few screen shots below and I think a YouTube video is planned to show case a little more... ​
    Forbidden For Droid 2 Liberty | Fission Downloads
    Please visit our website and blog!