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    I use the motorola multimedia dock with my droid2 for listening to music and as a clock/calendar (basically, a fancy clock radio). I hate how the stock music app sorts the tracks in my albums that i purchased from iTunes (it goes by alpha instead of track number), and that you are limited to the moto widgets in moto's 'Desk Home' app.

    I am rooted, and use ADW EX as my default launcher. What I am trying to do is use Tasker to start up LauncherPro when the phone is docked, instead of Desk Home. That part was easy, as was configuring LP into a stronger version of desk home, allowing me to use PowerAmp's widget while docked.

    Here is the problem I am finding: When I dock the phone everything works like I want it to, then after 60 seconds or so, ADW takes over for a couple of seconds, then it recognizes the dock again and LP comes back - for another 60 seconds anyway... then ADW takes over again... then LP... etc, etc.

    Here is the weird part - this only happens if ADW is set as my default launcher in home switcher. If I don't have a default selected, everything works as intended and I have no problems with my build. That sucks though, because everytime I hit the home button when I'm not docked, HS wants me to pick a launcher - so I'd like to be able to set a default and avoid this annoyance.

    Anyone have some knowledge that can help me?
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