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Discussion in 'Samsung Fascinate' started by rdgxray, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I got a fascinate last year and have been very happy with it. I never really "liked " any phones I had before. Never insured any of them. I had my fascinate a few days and went back to get insurance.
    After reading this forum decided I wanted to root. I used super 1 click. Then lag fix. Some other minor changes. Stayed with 2.1 though. Wanted to wait for official froyo release. It came out last week. I reversed all changes I made to phone lag fix, root, etc. Froyo update just failed over and over. Did hard reset. Nothing worked. Went to Verizon. They couldn't make it work. They are sending me new phone hopefully with froyo installed. Since then I have spent many hours trying to fix the problem. Have read about using odin with original tar. My phone will not make connection with computer now though. Started a separate thread for that problem. Very frustrating. Read 20 threads about nothing helps. If new phone comes gonna just take new one. I feel bad about it though, it is my fault 2.2 won't install. The usb problem, I have no idea if my fault or not. I really wanted to use odin to put on latest super clean. Can't get any upgrade. If some miracle doesn't happen just gonna take new phone. Will not root again. I hate all the bloat and loss of power / speed but want Verizon support if phone will not work. I was going to take sd card out of this phone and put in new one. Have my apps backed up to it. The sd card will not mess up new phone I hope. Anyway if anyone has any suggestions or advice I would appreciate it.

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