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Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Mar 14, 2016.

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    A few really cool announcements from Google have come out of the Game Developers Conference this year. Some of those features include Game parameter management, Video recording and streaming from within a game APIs, and a new trial run feature.

    The new trial run feature allows users to browse games and try some of them for up to 10 minutes without purchasing. The trial runs will be ads. The game can of course be downloaded in full once the 10 minute trial expires. The ads will appear on wifi.

    via AndroidCentral
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    I think this is great and can't wait to try it out. Nothing worse than spending the time to download a game only to find out it's nothing that you want to actually waste time on.

    I'm hoping we'll see more free trials of premium games like you can find for some console games. Especially with games that are more than a few dollars to buy, if I could easily test them out with no commitment, I may find that I think they're worth the higher price.

    I miss the 24-hour refund window that we used to have with the Play Store (Android Market at that time). Is it still only like 15 minutes? I've lost track, but 15 minutes isn't enough time to really decide if you like an app, or especially a game IMO. When you consider how long it takes to download some larger games, it gets worse. If a game's big enough, I'm not watching the progress bar to start playing it as soon as it's downloaded and then I end up with no time left in the refund window.