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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by tigert6, Oct 9, 2012.

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    I've downloaded and installed wallpaper more than a few times. I downloaded wallpaper from Google Play called "Wallpapers HD". Picked a nice looking wallpaper and installed it. Now that wallpaper is now covering my home screen and all the rest of them. I still can get to my search engine at the top and I can pull the bar from the top to see if I've received messages and email. But that' it. I can still use the search engine and can go to any site. I can still get to Google Play and install apps. But can't get into any of them. Phone is rooted. I hope I've given enough information for someone to help me. I don't even think I can answer my phone. Will be very thankful for any help that you can give me. I've searched the internet for about 3 hours and can not get any help so far. Sometimes you just have to put in the right question to get the right answer. Guess I've just not asked the right question. Thank you for any help.

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