stick it video player and OverSkreen browser

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    i just found both these apps the other day, might be more for tab's but i have used both on my nexus and i like them. the video player is nice because it plays everything, all the .avi's and stuff that i only found rock player to play before. now i find myself watching video's and using my IM kik or texts at the same time. stopped all the swtiching when my ADD kicked in and i wanted to see what that message said lol

    the browser is very nice too, its almost my default now. only thing it won't do is play flash full screen. the dev says its on the flash side, so that might not get fixed, so i keep the stock browser around for that. chrome while nice, doesn't support flash at all, so its on my phone but never used besides for facebook. since the facebook app is junk, chrome homepage set to facebook makes a nice fasbook app lol

    anyways, just something i thought i'd share since they have been around a while and i didn't know. untill the sg3, i didn't even know a floating player was possible.

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