Static in the stock music player.

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    Hello all. I've had my droid for about a year and a few months and I love the thing. I've even stopped carrying an ipod because I think the droid renders sound better. Recently, though, a few of my songs effect static on the droid. I've done forum searches and there are some threads about static, but none quite similar to mine. In my case, the only files that do this are .WAV files. And it's not all of them only two specific albums. Also, they didn't always act this way- it was only after I changed the names from TRACK 1, TRACK 2, to the actual file names. The weirdest part about it is that the songs stream perfectly fine on the droid. It's when the songs are finished, that the music player doesn't stop the stream. It just keeps going. For instance one song is 4:01 long. The droid plays the whole thing through, no static no issues. But once it reaches 4:01, it keeps going for a couple seconds and plays an ear-deafening static screech in the absence of any actual music. Has anyone experienced this? Even if not, I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

    Also, I'd like to add that I'm certain it's not the files nor the headphones. I stream the files on my computer and they work perfectly, and stop when they should. My headphones are fine, they still work in my phone and any other device I plug them into. It's definitely the phone.
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