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Discussion in 'Droid RAZR HD' started by abaddononion, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Hey guys. Wasn't sure where the best place to post this would be, but I've always had pretty good luck here at DroidForums.

    I finally got my bootloader unlocked courtesy of the KitKat vulnerability and TowelRoot (yay!), and so for the first time I've got Cyanogenmod loaded up. I'm pretty happy with where everything is at... except the speakerphone volume is *way* too low. Just the speakerphone for calls. All other sounds are, if anything, louder than ever before (which I like).

    So I've been looking into editing the file at /etc/snd_soc_msm/snd_soc_msm_2x. Based on some CM commits, I thought the relevant section to change was the section called "Voice Speaker", but... I cant tell if that affects speakerphone volume, or just phone calls in general. Like I said, my normal call volume is fine, I want to tweak JUST the speakerphone.

    Does anyone here know how to do this, and what the relevant section of this file is? or if there's a better path for me to be going down?
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