Speakerphone malfunction

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    Ok...my old droid x worked well with speakerphone then the ear peice speaker blew out and I got a free replacement since it was under warranty. I get the new one and every time I turn on speakerphone, it's like my microphone is muted and the person I'm on the phone with can't hear me at all. VERY FRUSTRATING to say the least. Since I prefer to use speaker phone as it is with my permanently lost hearing from 3 tours to the worlds largest beach. If anyone could help me with this, I would deeply appreciate it. If there's an app I can download to fix it. That would be great. It hasn't worked yet, but I've read other people have had the problem too and apparently it's a software issue of some type. I run a rooted .605 gingerbread (brand freaking new update). I flashed .596 and went with the update there. I'm not sure what went wrong or why it went wrong, but I miss my speakerphone dearly and would like to have it back. A plus though, with the new update, more of my gameloft games started working again, lol. THEY ARE FAILZ!
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