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    I am a recent DROID owner and am coming from WM v6.1. One App. that I had on my WM device that was my #1 Must have app was SPB Phone Suite (Details Here SPB Phone Suite Products SPB Software). Main features I used this app for was a nice 1 stop Today Screen app. that showed the total missed calls, emails, txt, mms. When clicking on say, the txt messaging icon it would open the appropriate application to view and respond to texts. The other very nice feature of this application was the ability to set profiles for the various volume settings (Media, Notifications, Phone Calls) From basically a drop down list I could choose Silent or custom (which I had set to turn my ringer most of the way down, and all notifications to silent.) I set that one for when I went to bed so only the phone would ring and no other notifications would wake me up. I have seen apps for the DROID that do some of these things but nothing all inclusive such as this masterpiece of an app.

    If any of you know of an application that does all of these things pay or free please point me in the right direction.

    I did see somewhere on the spb website that Phone Suite is not yet supported on android. YET being the key word. So I guess I can suffer for a bit while they port this application over.

    Thanks in advance for any help on this.
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