SIM Recovery from a smashed phone

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    Well, I think I'm screwed, but wanted to check since Verizon isn't much help with technical stuff sometimes. I smashed my phone last week but was able to recover both the Verizon card and the 16 GB SIM card from it. Both looked to be ok so I asked the rep what I needed to do to recover the data since I had a full days worth of photos stored that I didn't want to lose. She said that Verizon did not recover the data but that I could just put the cards into the replacement phone and I would get my stuff back (luckily the phone was insured).

    Well, my repacement Rezound came today and I slipped in both cards and went through the new phone set up and lo and behold, it looks like the set up wipes (I'm guessing) the Verizon card. The files on my SIM card are still there, but nothing on the other card. I'm guessing that all the info is stored on that little white card that you can pull, but if it is stored somewhere else, I may still be able to get it. Looking for some help and/or answers.

    Oh, and I did NOT have the backup assistant set up. It failed for some reason when I got my phone 3 months ago and I never could get it to run. Seems to run fine on my replacement phone though.
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