SICK New [THEME] ProjectX Theme For Theme Chooser!

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    I am excited to announce the highly anticipated release (well at least highly anticipated by me) of the ProjectX Theme by one of my favorite Theme Devs "Sparkyman"! He has been teasing us for weeks now with several screenshots of his progress. Although it was painful I will have to say that the wait was well worth it! The theme is nearly perfect and brings some unique goods!

    As you can see in the images above the themed icons are wrapped in a shiny 3D button to give them a standout appearance. I also thoroughly enjoyed the theming of the pull down menu with the Black and Blue Android (this is something that I have seen in the past that has pretty much gone away and I am glad to see it back in this theme). Another cool aspect of this theme is the button appearance of the toggles in the quick settings pulldown. They have the look of pleather or rubber similar to the back of the Nexus 7. You can also see the addition of the backgrounds (which kind of look like a Grey wood grain with a spotlight shining in the center, this is a really neat effect!) in the menus, settings, contacts, music and pretty much throughout the Theme.

    The theme is a transparent theme with lots of greys and blues. It looks awesome and is well worth $1.25! Sparkyman is dedicated to keeping his themes updated, and brings new features regularly as well. Grab this theme from the source link below.

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