[THEME] Seeing Red Official Release Theme Chooser Theme!

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    Last week we announced a theme that was exclusive to Droidforums. It was Beta and had a bit of work left to be done. Theme developer "Sparkyman" has been working fast and furious to get this theme perfected! It is now ready for primetime! The Seeing Red Theme Chooser Theme is a Red theme that you can actually enjoy. Most colored themes slap you in the face. Seeing Red is not so obnoxious. It is a more subtle approach at a colored theme. This theme will change the look and feel of your device without going overboard. Themed elements include Framework-res, System UI, PlayStore, quick settings, notifications, nav bar, google now, clock widget, calculator, music app, and really too much to list. Check out the screenshots below.

    unnamed.png unnamed (3).jpg unnamed (1).jpg unnamed (2).jpg

    This theme is a theme chooser theme so you will need to be running an AOSP rom that supports it such as Cyanogen Mod or AOKP. Once the theme is installed simply head to the theme chooser and apply. This theme is FREE so you can't really beat that.

    Grab this theme and discuss here
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