Sick New [THEME] Introducing the Blast Series CM9/AOKP/ ICS Theme Chooser Themes!

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    Everyone loves a good theme! Theme developer "Shaiknbaik41" has put together a whole line of themes that will work with the Theme Engine found in CM9, AOKP, Gummy and just about all ICS Roms! These themes are colored themes. They Include "Purple Blast", "Green Blast", "Red Blast", and "Orange Blast". Shaiknbaik has put a ton of effort into these themes designing them to give the most colored user experience on the market. These themes are super complete. They theme the System UI, Framework, notification bar, app icons, keyboard, market, camera, dialer, calculator, and more! The Red and Green Blast are Free! The Purple and Orange are only .99! He also has a pretty sweet Jelly Bean Theme!


    As you can see from the Screenshots above these themes look pretty amazing! They are super easy to install as well. Just Download from the market and install the apk. From there the theme will show up in the theme chooser. Then just select the theme which will be applied on the fly!

    For more info on these themes check the Source thread here.

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