Sick [THEMES] for CM9/AOKP Theme Chooser Themes by B-BOY

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    Theme Developer B-BOY has just released a huge new Theme set for AOKP and CM9 style roms. These all work with the Theme Chooser! B-Boy put alot of time and effort into making his own images so that he can colorize the as much of your phone as possible. He has made all of his themes free on the playstore, but I would highly suggest purchasing the paid versions which helps for further development of these awesome themes! These themes theme EVERYTHING! Themed elements include Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, Trebuchet Launcher, Calculator, Calendar, DeskClock, Email, Gmail, MMS, Contacts, Phone, PlayStore, RomControl (AOKP), Settings, SystemUI, Framework-res, Animated Notification Icons (coolest part IMO), and much more! You can see just how complete these themes are below!​


    There are a total of 5 themes Murder (RED), Smurft OUT (Blue), Venom (Green), Berry Blast (Pinkish), Blizzrd (Black and White)

    For more info on these awesome themes and download links Check out the Thread here
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