Several questions about using multiple ROMs?

Discussion in 'Droid X Roms' started by 1dtms, Sep 29, 2011.

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    I just SBF to .340 and installed a supposedly .602 unsigned update.
    From there I installed CM4DX for Gingerbread.

    So now I have several questions..

    1. How do I verify that I'm on a .602 kernel?
    I went to About Phone in settings and under Kernel version it says:

    I dont see anywhere it says .602

    2. Next, what other roms can I use on .602? Is it any gingerbread rom?

    3. Lets say I want to install another rom thats compatible for the .602 kernel. And before I install a new kernel i make a backup in Recovery, is that backup only going to work with my current CM4DX Gingerbread rom? Meaning do I have to create a back up for each rom for when i go back into that rom?

    4. Lastly, is this the correct general method for installing a rom thats compatible on the .602 kernel without SBFing (unless otherwise stated in the directions of the rom)
    -Reboot into recovery
    -wipe data/factory reset/cache
    -mount system (is this a requirement?)
    -install the ROM zip
    -Reboot phone and should be done?
    Are those to correct method everytime I would like to switch roms?

    Thanks for your time.
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    1) .602 is not the kernel but is the system version. You have the correct kernel to be on .602 so you are good.
    2) If you check the OP of the ROM you can tell which ones you can use. Off the top of my head you can use vortex, apex, the 2 latest MIUI versions, and I know there are others but I am tired and currently blanking.
    3) To switch back to ROMs you would need a back up of each one. You can restore any back ups as long as they are on the correct kernel so I recommend coming up with a method of naming them to help you know which is which.
    4) Looks good to me!
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