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    I hope this hasn't been posted. My apologies if it has, but I couldn't find it.

    Whenever I send a text on my Droid 2, without actually going through the text icon and selecting the saved convo with the person... hmmm, hard to explain.

    Say I type in someone's name to text them (or their phone number), scroll through contacts, or click the envelope icon on the contact quick tasks widget and send a text... the moment I send that text I'm suddenly sent back to the screen of the last conversation I sent a text in. Even if it was days before. Well, I don't go days without texting, but even if it was hours before.

    Do you follow? It's so very annoying because if I'm not paying particular attention, the second text I send is to the wrong person.

    Now, this isn't the same text problem that others seem to be having, because my texts aren't randomly sent to the wrong person, nor do I have old texts sending days/weeks later.

    Any advice is appreciated, and if this isn't the best place for this thread please let me know.

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