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    [​IMG]I know you've been in a situation like I run across frequently where you want to preserve a digital image of a website but the problem is the page you want to capture is to long (tall), to fit in one screen. In fact it's often many screens long, and doing screen repeated captures leaves you with a collection of jpgs that you then have to jump between to review later.

    Enter Stitch and Share...Stitch & Share: big screenshot - Android Apps on Google Play

    This app very effectively mimics the scrolling screen capture option built into the Samsung line of phones, but works on any Android phone. I just did multiple screen captures of a LONG webpage (a Pew Charity self-evaluation questionnaire), and then with this app and very intuitively wound up with one long jpg of the entire scrolling page.

    [​IMG] (A screen shot of the interface).

    [​IMG] (A merge of 10 screen shots - pardon the image quality as it's severely compressed.)

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