SBFing for the first time - not that bad!

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    So I've installed a bajillion leaks/roms/themes (even rooted the first time manually via ADB) and I am FINALLY now having to SBF for the first time. I must admit, so far, it isn't THAT bad. The biggest problem I had was getting the right drivers (Win7 64-bit on all PCs I have available). So in case it helps somebody else, here are all of my pain points:

    1. Start button was disabled when I selected my SBF - This was because it was in a directory with a space in it. Move it to your C:\ root drive and all will be happier.
    2. Start button was disabled when I selected my SBF - This was because I had renamed it to something custom. Renaming it back to "VRZ_MB810_2.3.32_1FF_01.sbf" fixed this.
    3. Device wasn't in list - This was because I followed a guide that told me to boot into the bootloader (holding vol down + home + power). This is wrong - instead just boot up and go to the black screen with white text and nothing for you to do on it.
    4. Device wasn't in list - This was fixed by playing with the DeviceID settings in the Config menu. There are only 2 options, try them both.
    5. Clicking Start immediately failed with a message of "0x7100 Phone connected" - this was fixed by installing the proper driver. In my case, I had the 32-bit driver installed instead of the 64-bit driver. Also, I noticed that whenever I had this error, for some reason I never would see any text in the "File Properties" textbox. I don't know if it's related but that is what I observed.
    6. Failed with error: "Unable to retrieve RAM Downloader for Flash Bootloader checksum" - I just tried again and it succeeded (I really don't know what this was about).

    And that's all of the problems I ran into. Overall it took me ~1 hour from when I decided "Hmmm, I think I need to SBF" until now where I now have successfully SBF'd. :)

    Note that this takes ~5-10 minutes to complete. Don't expect it to be a 2-minute thing.
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    I did it like 5 times lol. I could probly do it in my sleep ha ha. Its getting to be fun now. Only problem I had was when it said to manually reboot phobe when it was done loading stuff... Bootlooped over n over. So I unplugged it after closing the message that said I may cause permanent damage to phone if I close it and it worked prestine :)

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