sbf after v0.8, freezes on boot rather than loop, need advice please

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by AmsuJackal, Aug 26, 2011.

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    hi all. so originally i was on justice, and i had purchased order & chaos, but it kept telling me my X was not compatible and to get a refund. that was the original issue that led to this mess.

    So after going back to cm7 to no avail and then back to justice as i thought maybe it was a rom issue. so i was thinking maybe it was an issue with just 2nd-init and the game, so i sbf'ed back to .340 and installed the new rooted 2-part .602 GB. flashed lgb 0.8 over it and all was fine, but still the same error with o&c. so i started messing with my build.prop to change it to a different model/manufacturer thats supported, no avail. i ended up copying someone's tablet's build.prop that got it working and sticking it on my phone. bad mistake, i figured no prob i could always move over the backup. but upon bootup i would get stuck with a black screen. so i promptly sbf'ed back to .340 figuring that would take care of it. it finished fine but now upon bootup it gets stuck at the first boot logo (yellow justice fist still), but does not go to the next logo no matter how long it sits.

    i went into the recovery menu to wipe data/cash and still the same issue. an interesting thing to note is the button navigation in the stock recovery was WAY different than it should be (power = choose, up doesnt work but down does, camera button goes back a menu, etc). no matter what i do and how many times i sbf and factory reset, it still freezes. i need my phone for work in the morning and bedtime is nearing lol.

    i noticed my .340 sbf is a system-only, and upon reading i discovered that it just corrects /system and anything else i need the full (im working on downloading the full but 20k/sec hotel wifi sucks, and wont be done till the middle of the night).

    Is it possible that the issue is still the fubared build.prop (explaining the button remapping too)? will the full sbf fix it? build.prop is in /system so the system only SHOULD take care of it i would think...

    your thoughts?

    edit: also, if anyone has ideas on the order & chaos issue too, advice would be greatly appreciated <3