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    I'm going to paraphrase some info that is in/on your S4 that you may not have seen. You can access the information by pressing "Power Saving Mode" under settings my device then taping "Learn about Power saving mode". I will add my own comments at the end but all these make tons of sense.

    1. To save battery power, press the power key to turn off the screen when you are not using the device. (Duh)

    2. Reducing the time before the screen times out save battery power. (no kidding, again)

    3. Turning on Smart stay in display settings in reducing the time before the screen times out may increase battery consumption. To avoid this, set the screen timeout to more than 1 minute.

    1. Lowering the brightness of the screen can extend battery life. (yet another Duh)

    2. Enabling automatic brightness can save battery power.

    1. Turning on Bluetooth may increase battery consumption. (there is no MAY, not really. It should read WILL) [​IMG]

    2. Connecting via Bluetooth may increase battery consumption.

    3. Staying connected via Bluetooth may increase battery consumption., (once again "may" is understated)

    Mobile Data
    1. Enabling/disabling mobile data will not affect battery consumption. (now that's a surprise).

    2. However, disabling mobile data will prevent background applications from consuming battery.

    Auto Sync
    1. Syncing data may increase battery consumption. Turn off auto sync to save battery power.

    1. Using GPS may increase battery consumption.

    2. Continuing to use GPS when the GPS signal is weak may increase battery consumption.

    Live Wallpaper
    1. Using live wallpaper may increase battery consumption.

    Other considerations

    I suggest installing Battery Guru if you have a Snapdragon processor, (here)

    I have found that adjusting the time frames that some of your apps sync can help quite a bit that's one of the things the Battery Guru app can do. But you need to check the settings in that app every now and then to make certain that it's still doing its job. It appears that after some app updates that it is controlling, or after it updates itself, some of those settings may change.

    A week WiFi signal or poorly configured router can put a strain on the WiFi and as a result will cause excessive battery use. If you really want to extend your battery life on the road, turn your WiFi off if you don't need it, because otherwise it's going to continue scanning, and scanning for something to connect to. I know that sounds extreme, but it's a thought.

    I would also suggest minimizing the number of active widgets that you have on your screens. One of the 1st things I did was dump all the widgets that wanted to update, except for the weather widget, and I told it only to update when I opened it.

    Additional suggestions welcome.
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    Another way to save battery life (at least in OG Droid and Droid 3) is to make sure that when you are finished with Facebook, you press the home button to end it and not the return key. Facebook makes extensive use of an active GPS. When you 'return', you leave facebook, but the GPS remains actively working, when you press the home button, the active GPS as used by Facebook stops.

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