Samsung Rumored To Include LTE In Upcoming Galaxy Tab 8.9

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    To Samsung, one size does not fit all and they intend to bring more tablets into the market, with a new tablet covering the middle ground. The new Galaxy Tab 8.9 has not been spoken of much since hitting the FCC not too long ago, but new rumors suggest that the device will have an LTE radio built in. It's easy to appreciate LTE and the speed it provides, and if the rumors are correct, we might just receive this new Galaxy Tab 8.9 with LTE in stores soon. It should also have a faster processor at 1.5 Ghz, same thickness, lighter, and will ship with Android 3.2. There are even more rumors saying it will make landfall by August 29th for all the possible back to school shoppers.

    Anyone looking for Samsung "mid-sized" tablet?

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