Rope the Frog

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    we published a new game:

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    Keep your hungry frog alive and eat as much bug as possible. Use your tongue to dangle through a never ending world. But keep in mind, your tongue isn't sticky forever. Be aware, there are some mean stork babies that like them some juicy frog legs.

    You start with the tutorial level. A higher level can be unlocked by reaching the required score points:
    - Level 1 (white belt): 1 points
    - Level 2 (yellow belt): 150 points
    - Level 3 (orange belt): 300 points
    - Level 4 (green belt): 800 points
    - Level 5 (purple belt): 2000 points
    - Level 6 (brown belt): 5000 points
    - Level 7 (black belt): 10000 points

    The currently achieved level is illustrated by the color of the frog's tongue. Achieving a high level is important as the max score multiplier
    for eating bugs in a row increased with each level.

    This is a clean game: no ads, no annoying requests, no hidden costs.

    Here is the challange: We are not sure how easy/hard the game is (we played it all the time through development). Can you reach the black tongue/belt stage? We are afraid only Chuck Norris can do it.

    Game Play Video:
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