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    1to50 NINJA is the Best And Funniest 1to50 Game!
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    "5 Stars! Play 1to50 NINJA because we have the very fast and exciting movements! HU! HUA! HA! HYARR!"
    Ika Bento, Level 28 NINJA Master

    "1 Star! It is too fast-moving for me!"
    Unagi Bento, Level 28 SUDOKU Master and arch-rival of Ika Bento

    Those are differing comments, so download and judge for yourself. For what it's worth, this game is free, and comes with fantastic graphics and audio, and funny achievements. It also uses Scoreloop's social gaming platform for high scores, achievements, and player challenges.
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    Game Download:http://market.android.com/details?id=goodteamstudio.onetofifty.lite.en
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