Rooted Bionic and now have many questions so please help if you can? Thanks sooo much

Discussion in 'Droid Bionic Tech Support' started by Tloc107, Oct 13, 2011.

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    So I just rooted my Bionic. Backed up with Titanium Pro paid edition. Also paid for root explorer but havent traveled there yet. I removed all apps I didn't want that I found on safe lists. Some I couldn't find in my app's list on phone and others I were sure if they were safe to remove or not? Below are apps I question wether are safe to remove or not and wondering what your experiences are? Please advise if you have input or experience good or bad with any. Thanks much for any input or advice etc!!!

    Are these apps safe to freeze? I havent unistalled any apps yet just froze them in case I need to revert later. Wondering if I can freeze apps below without problems etc?
    1.) Citirx
    2.) Mobile Hot Spot
    3.) Email 2.3.4 (being I use the gmail app?)
    4.) Email Athenticatior 2.3.4
    5.) Email engine
    6.) Flickr Authenticator 2.3.4
    7.) Guided Tours 2.3.4
    8.) Help center 2.3.4
    9.) IM
    10.) IM Presence 2.3.4
    11.) IMScsServer 1.0
    12.) LAST FM Authenticator 2.3.4
    13.) Lets Golf 2 1.0.5
    14.) Linkedin Authenticator 2.3.4
    15.) messaging 2.3.4
    16.) My accounts 2.3.4
    17.) My verizon mobile 10.0.6
    18.) My space Authenticator 2.3.4
    19.) Photobucket
    20.) Picasa Authenticator 2.3.4
    21.) Skyrock Authenticator 2.3.4
    22.) Social Location 2.0
    23.) Social messaging 2.3.4
    24.) Social messaging service 2.3.4
    25.) Social Networking 2.3.4
    26.) Social sharing 2.3.4
    27.) Social Status 2.3.4
    28.) Sound recorder 2.3.4
    29.) Talk 1.3
    30.) Twitter Authenticator 2.3.4
    31.) Universal inbox 2.3.4 (there are 2 apps with same name but different icon picture.)
    32.) Vcast Media Manager
    33.) Video Player 2.3.4
    34.) Video Surf 1.1.7

    Also wondering if I will loose some features I use currently. I haven't had phone real long and haven't explored all options and apps so I hate to wipe something I use but not know better also so that is a concern.

    App's on safe list I couldn't find in manage apps location are as following...
    1.) VZW Visual Voice Mail (vvm.apk)
    2.) VCAST APPS (vcast.apk)
    3.) Gotomeeting-stub-1.0.74.apk (It's a part of citrix I guess but couldn't locate it.)

    Last Thing to bother you with is the factory wall paper apps. I removed them all once and then I couldn't add my own custom wall paper based on pictures I took. That is the only wall paper I am interested in and want to remove the rest but how do I figure out which ap does what? I learned hard way in past and had to do a reboot and start over and this time I am moving slower and tripple checking and asking a lot of questions based on last experience. I am really thankful for any input or advice etc. THANK YOU!!!
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    There are threads on apps to safely remove. If you resize a picture to 1080 X 960 you should be able to use it for wallpaper.
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    Why don't you just flash one of Droidth3ory's ROMs? He has a "Blur" and a "Deblurred" version.