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    So I rooted my DX. It was easy and painless. I'm thinking about rooting my Bionic. I'm not going to do any roming because im one of the few who actually like the blur. The only things I want root for are bloat freezing and wifi tethering (both pretty important to me). I dont recall if i will be able to recieve OTAs or not. So...

    Will I still get OTAs or should I hold off until ICS gets pushed?
    Is there a way to sbf? I hear the bootloader is still locked.
    Is it as painless as the DX?
    Is it even worth it for the limited use that I really want?

    Other thoughs? Thanks
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    Sep 12, 2011
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    You should still get the OTAs, so long as you don't download the leaked updates. Even if you do, there are ways to get back, but just to save some trouble and headache...... The bootloader is still locked, so you gotta deal with that. My first root was with the Bionic, so I can't compare it to anything else, but that said, this was my first root which should tell you how simple it was. It was ridiculously easy to do; I used one of the one-click methods and it only took a couple of minutes. I'd say go for it; it's really easy to do, and the wifi tether makes it worth it alone.
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