Root APP CF.lumen Is Back!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Apr 10, 2014.

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    Chainfire has re released his root app CF.lumen. This app changes the colors on your screen depending on one of many variables. You can custom configure the app or you can allow for colors to change based on the position of the sun. One neat feature is that CF.lumen uses a red filter during sleeping hours. Red is easier on the eyes and allows you to retain night vision. When you use the default settings you get a warmer tint when the sun is down which makes your brain want to stay awake.

    Features include light sensors which are used to automatically adjust the color on your screen based on lighting around you, color filters changes the image on your screen to grey scale and then displays the image in the selected color, colorblindness helps with the condition of colorblindness, and more. Head to the Play link below for a full description of everything this app has to offer. Keep in mind that your phone must be rooted for this to work.

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