Root Android 5.1 With One Click On The Nexus 5!

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    Mskip has done and excellent job with keeping his root toolkits up to date. The Nexus lineup has recently received the update to Android 5.1. If you have taken the update you may be looking for a toolkit which can quickly and easily grant you root on your freshly updated device. Mskip has just released the auto update to his Nexus 5 toolkit which will bring full support for all versions of Android including the latest 5.1 version. This means you will now be able to use his tool to root 5.1!

    He has also added the 5.1 stock image to the toolkit which means you will be able to quickly and painlessly recover your nexus 5 from a brick by flashing the latest stock image. This also means that if you have somehow missed the OTA you can simply flash the stock image to update your device. Head to the link below for the udpate.

    via skipsoft
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