[ROM] OPTIMIZED....Z by Newtoroot [fast & Customized]

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    Optimized Z by Newtoroot

    If you like the rom rate the thread and thank me

    ok this is a rom ive been working on in my spare time i originally started making it just for myself and then i decided to share it with you guys, so some things might not be your taste but that what threads are for so give me your feedback...​

    Big Thanks:
    To incubus26jc and myn for letting me use their rom as a base for this, and also for their rosie z and some images from warm z rosie. they are some great guys for sure


    Rom is deodexed
    desire z based rom with sense 2.0 faster and smoother than 1.0
    working htc hub
    skin support for theming
    full landscape support for all widgets
    functioning tv-out
    much better rom overall compared to old sense

    Added features
    Fully themed by me
    Custom dialer
    custom taskbar and ic menu icons (Thanks slayer)
    added custom flip and fly animations
    added themed htc_ime
    custom power control widgets on pulldown(Thanks again slayer)
    added themed gmail and market(thanks incubus26jc)
    custom rosie with rosie z settings
    720p recording
    added stargate bootanimation till i get mine done (Thanks fernando sor)
    updated maps
    updated flash 10.2
    updated wireless tether
    added ziggys new bfs 041311(thanks incubus and ziggy)
    pushed sensation wallpaper to sd card
    and lots more guys

    Optimized Z 1.0

    Note: Do a full wipe and flash through recovery and i am not responsible for your phone if anything happens to it

    Have fun guys and enjoy
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    this is a sweet ass Rom! just flashed today but I'm really digging it so far! I've been flashing a lot lately looking for a daily driver. I've tried warm z, virtuous, cynagen, MIUI, Incredibly Re-engineeredZ, and uberz...and I've got to say so far its close between this Rom and warm z!
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