[ROM][CDMA/LTE] XenonHD Stable-9.0 (02.05.13) *Truly Stable, Fast & Buttery Smooth*

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    [ROM][CDMA/LTE][UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER] XenonHD Stable-9.0 *Fast,Stable,Buttery Smooth*

    Team Horizon presents XenonHD​


    Base : Jelly Bean 4.2.2 JDQ39E : FULL AOSP BASE FROM SOURCE.
    It's Rockstable,Blazing fast.
    and now Buttery Smooth too!​

    This ROM is for unlocked devices only ... flashing with Safestrap will not work, as this uses a (close to) AOSP kernel!

    XT926 ONLY for now... working on XT925 GSM version
    JB 4.2.2 JDQ39E

    Add reboot and screenshot options to power menu.
    Additional tiles in Quick Settings.
    Theme Chooser support. (Updated for 4.2)
    Volume rocker wake. (Settings>Display)
    Volume rocker long press to seek tracks. ("")
    Show rotation lock in quick settings.
    Bluetooth Message Access Profile support.
    Improved scrolling cache.
    Fixed December bug.
    Fixed Google location service.
    Add an option to change the device hostname.
    New moto style softkeys.
    DSPManager added with all the binaries.
    Apollo Music player added and fixed for JB.
    Added XenonHD wallpapers.
    Louder output on speaker for Maguro and Toro.
    Added Galaxy4, PhaseBeam and Holo spiral wallapers.
    Run sysinit during boot.
    Change sysfs permissions to allow user control ksm.
    Wi-fi scan time to 100 to save battery.
    Performance, battery life and other misc tweaks.
    Init.d support with added tweaks and scripts.
    SuperSU application for root.
    CMFile manager added.
    GPS, Camera, Keyboard gestures fixed.
    Build.prop tweaks.
    Battery life tweaks.
    Some secret tweaks. ;)
    I'm forgetting soo many things. Flash and see.

    New navbar buttons.
    Added a menu item in Browser called Close other tabs.
    Open in incognito tab option in menu.
    Increased tab limit.
    Added menu option to open url in browser.
    Enabled tablet like browser on grouper.

    QuickMessage and Reply.
    Custom notification vibrate patterns.
    Timestamp options.
    Input type selection.
    Add reminder to calendar.
    Templates functionality.
    Split SMS functionality.
    Emoji and Strip unicode support.

    Phone and Contacts:
    T-9 Dialer and with other stuff.
    Dialpad settings.

    Use correct battery capacity, add missing eri.xml
    Allow tethering.
    Fix overlay/networkAttributes array

    Fix MMS receiving on T-Mobile
    Enable automatic backlight by default.

    Removed bugmailer.
    Fix gps issues.
    Add simtoolkit application

    Download in post #2
    Changelog in post #3
    Screen shots in post #4

    Team Horizon:
    pr0xy man1Ac

    Thanks to:
    Peter Alfonso
    VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO razrqcom-dev-team (dhacker29, hashcode, epinter!) - without which this would not be possible!

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    Xenon HD 9.0 links

    Download: Bugs: No Camcorder No Tethering!
    Goo.im Downloads - Browsing XenonHD_ROM

    Goo.im Downloads - Browsing gapps

    Clean wipe is recommended with v9.0!

    Official XenonHD site:
    XenonHD - Home

    XenonHD Settings backup tool:

    Please read this before asking dumb questions again and again:

    Join our community on Google+:


    Important please read

    I. Appreciation

    There are many ways to show your support to us. You can:
    Press the "Thanks" button.
    Hit the donation button and help support the team
    Wear our specially prepared banner
    Share your opinion about my work and write some feedback in our threads.
    Advertise our work to your friends, family, anyone who owns this device.
    Rate our threads with 5 stars.

    We appreciate all the support you give us, but we don't expect anything

    II. Sharing

    XDA-Developers.com is all about sharing. If you would like to use any part of our work, please feel free to do so but remember to do the following beforehand:
    Inform - Please send us a PM or email telling us
    Permission - Please, if you do not have permission from us, don't use it. Most of the time, we will allow you to, but if you don't get our permission first, we will report.
    Credits - No one wants their work stolen. Please remember to give proper credits when using our work.

    III. Support

    If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to post them in the our threads. However, because all of us have social lives outside of XDA, your questions may not always be answered right away. Members who are more experienced in our work, please help out the ones who don't.
    If you want to get the fastest and the best answer - ask the question in our threads instead of PM'ing us. Chances are, other users will be able to help you when Team Members don't have the time to.

    IV. Updates

    We are a busy team! Every Team Member has lives outside of XDA. You cannot expect us to sit in front of the computer all day and develop Android. Please do not ask for ETA's. The update will come when we release it. Sometimes, there is a good reason for why we have not released an update in a while. Please be patient with us, we will do as we promise. Updates will come.

    V. Responsibilities

    We are not responsible for your device! We do not guarantee that everything will work the way it's supposed to. Not every device is created equal, what might work on our devices may not work on yours or vice versa. Please be a responsible person when it comes to flashing. This is a mature site, don't act immaturely when your device becomes problematic. If you cry and blame us for "destroying" your device, we will laugh at you. Your device is your responsibility, act like it.
    Thanks for choosing Team Horizon, we hope you enjoy our works as much as we enjoy working with them.
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    Change log:

    For 4.1.x:

    30.11.2012 aka RC2

    Updated to 4.2.1 JOP40D
    Built with bionic patches. (Improves performance)
    ROMSettings are back with face lift.
    Quick settings is now customizable.
    Added Clock styles and other clock settings.
    Added option to modify carrier label.
    Added option to toggle notification count in status bar.
    Added battery options back with battery bar, etc.
    Added option to toggle vibrate on notification expansion.
    Added option to customize navigation bar ring.
    Navigation bar customization is back.
    Added option for kill all button in recents menu.
    Ram bar in recents menu.
    Clickable actions for clock in notification pull down menu.
    Expandable volume layout.
    LED customization is back.
    Ability to toggle 180 degree rotation.
    Signal customization is back.
    Added quick unlock.
    Added custom vibrations.
    Added "Turn Wi-Fi off" action to the "open networks available"
    Added lockscreen options like color, rotation, battery % etc.
    Option to disable boot animation or set custom boot animation.
    Email app is back.
    CMFileManager root issue fixed.
    Apollo updated.
    Updated props for 4.2.1
    Made sound output on toro and maguro even louder.
    Messaging app is now themeable.
    Bug mailer removed.
    Much more new stuff that I don't remember or am lazy to write.

    8.12.2012 aka RC3

    Another face lift for ROM Settings.
    Added navigation bar widgets.
    Added option to disable navigation bar aka expanded desktop.
    Added ability to unlink notification sound and ringtone.
    Added ability to toggle ringer by pressing volume up+volume down together.
    Added ability to add Unlimited Lockscreen Widgets.
    Added option to disable IME in status bar.
    Ability to add all the widgets to lock screen.
    Added search option to navigation bar.
    Implement noise suppression for phone calls.
    Enabled developer options visibility by default.
    Fixed quick settings killing systemui on grouper. *Might require a full wipe*
    Fixed WiFi, GPS and NFC tiles in quick settings.
    Fixed volume rocker wake.
    Fix/Update some quicksettings icons.
    Fixed clock AM/PM error.
    Fixed 2G toggle long press action.
    ADB fixes.
    WiFi: Prevent scanning during DHCP process.
    Set the app chooser activity to theme holo dark default.
    Performance increase in thumbnail handling.
    Improve tethering notification icons.
    VPN Traffic Amount in Human Readable Format.
    Clean up ringtones, notifications, etc.
    Some enhancements to battery life and performance.
    Other misc bug fixes.


    Browser tab settings.
    Add User Agent to Setting/Advanced on Tablets.


    Fix cropping on MMS inline thumbnails.


    Allow full theming of Contacts via theme chooser.


    Advanced Phone Settings: Vibrate on Answer, Vibrate 60, Vibrate End and Vibrate on Call Waiting.
    Make call screen 25% transparent transparent.
    Landscape in call and Exit to home.


    Added 720p recording support for video camera.


    Added about XenonHD in ROM Settings.
    Added ability to change the status bar and navigation bar background.
    Added favorite contact tile to quick settings.
    Ability to add left/right arrow keys to navigation bar.
    Added ability to change the background of quick settings to holo light/dark.
    Added screen off tile to quick settings.
    Added option to turn off status bar brightness slider.
    Added option to hide adb icon.
    Added Menu UI overflow.
    Added volume adjust sound preference.
    Added option for Increasing ring volume.
    Added NFC polling mode.
    Added CM Battery circle and circle with %.
    Added "Automatically Connect" option for WiFi networks.
    Added the CM idea / feature to always pull down quicksettings on right or left side.
    Added option to choose XeHD logo instead of jellybeans in day dream. :D
    Themability of battery text type
    Fix inconsistent recent button behavior.
    Fix long pressing notifications.
    Fix quick toggles layout in landscape mode.
    Fix pulldown header for themes.
    Fix App & Widget Pickers.
    Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in non-holo apps.
    Re-factored fast charge toggle.
    Don't add tint to app icons or custom images.
    LED light customization for phone app fixed.
    Ram bar and recents performance improvements.
    Selectable text in gtalk.
    Allow user-installed apps to be disabled and force stop when disabling an app.
    Minor bug fixes in ROMControl where ListPreference don't showed the currently selected item correctly.
    ROM Settings is dark again.
    Lots of fixes to the messaging quick reply actions, etc.
    Show current and new version in install dialog.
    Added nexus 4 wall to launcher.
    Made launcher to correctly display homescreen when navigation bar is transparent.
    Fixed grouper toggles. Only shows which are available for it.
    New battery life, performance, kernel and ram tweaks.
    Fixed a lot of bugs in CMFileManager.
    Much more things and bug fixes.


    Added option to add lock screen shortcuts. (Settings>Security)
    Added performance settings. (Settings)
    Added dotted circle battery.
    Added option to change color and animation speed of circle battery.
    Added option to control cursor with volume keys.
    Added noozy equalizer and removed dsp manager.
    Added option to change the navigation bar opacity.
    Added handcent theme ability to messaging app.
    New quick reply in messaging app.
    Added option to hide AlarmClock Icon in StatusBar. (Clock)
    Fixed bluetooth toggle misbehaving for some people.
    Fix wifi and wifi tether in quick settings.
    Fixed recents for multi-users.
    Millions of audio fixes.
    Fixed the JPEG file indexing.
    Includes high quality video prebuilts by default.
    Lockscreen VolCtrls : Don't raise volume on skip track.
    Plus other million of bug fixes, improvements in performance and battery life!


    Added support for Nexus 4/Mako!
    Allow users to disable safe headset volume warning.
    Increase themeability of Clock, Signal, Wifi in statusbar.
    Allow purging of asset bitmaps.
    Added chronus clock widget. (Settings>Display)
    Ability to select UI Mode:
    -Tablet (Doesn't work on phones, only for Nexus 7)
    Added XenonHD launcher aka Onager. (Based on trebuchet but with other additions and subtractions.)
    Ability to enable dual pane panel at any dpi.
    Add option to set the color of the digital clock widget
    Launch music player on headset connect. (Settings>Sound)
    Ability to switch to/from Quick Settings, using a sideways swipe gesture.
    Added galaxy nexus parts.
    Added a new custom kernel for galaxy nexus with fast charge, color control, vibrator control, fsync etc.
    Fixed vibrate and silence toggle not updating.
    Fix the JPEG file indexing.
    Enabled market restore.
    Remove some lag launching apps and improve scrolling.
    Fix GSM signal strength.
    Fix power menu dialog dismissal and reboot bug.
    Properly handle changes in phone audio focus.
    More consistent navigation bar tinting behavior.
    Fix occasional ring volume reset.
    Added 2 new wallpapers.
    Increased auto-brightness modification for Mako!
    Fix next button not doing anything when upgrading package.
    Update CMFIleManager.
    Updated Apollo music player.
    Show complete download path in download complete notification.
    Much more optimizations and fixes.
    Other things I must be forgetting.


    Added expanded desktop.
    Added option to minimize challenge when showing the lockscreen. (Widgets expanded by default)
    Added option to use carousel animation on lockscreen.
    Ability to enable/disable airplane, screenshot, reboot and silent mode options in power menu.
    Added density changer.
    Added alternate signal layout.
    Added ring/vibrate/silent toggle to quick settings.
    Added start-up tweaks section in ROMSettings.
    Added prop modder in ROMSettings.
    Added option to hide extras ie compat mode, etc.
    Added timeout and instant lock option to slide lock.
    Added HSPAP info in Android.
    Added option to restart systemUI in general UI settings.
    Added navigation bar width sliders for tablet UI.
    Added power shutter to camera.
    Updated UI modes and fixed whole bunch of stuff with tablet UI. (Now works on phone)
    Show date on 2 lines in status bar. (imgur: the simple image sharer)
    Show more hardware information about the device in settings>about.
    Fixed quick unlock.
    Fixed lock screen wallpapers.
    Fixed gradient.
    Fixed volume rocker wake on mako and grouper.
    Fixed GPS toggle not changing states properly.
    Fixed find bug issues.
    Fixed toggles on grouper.
    Tint alternate icons (small menu, alt back, arrow keys)
    SystemUI: more compatibility with themes
    SystemUI: cleaner recents key implementation
    Enable theming of user label.
    Updated lockscreen rotation logic.
    Updated CMFileManager.
    Updated Chronus clock with tons of fixes and translations.
    Hide statusbar clock for Chronus/DeskClock on lockscreen.
    Fix Launcher FC's.
    Decrease lag generated by autorotation on.
    Removed system update option.
    Removed prebuilt 4.2 camera and keyboard as this now handled by gapps.
    Much more optimizations and fixes.

    Added flip and shake to snooze/silent.

    Stop background thread in phone app.
    Fix dialpad image for korean.

    Fixed a few bugs.
    Updated translations.

    Updated kernel to the latest Faux stable.

    Updated kernel with gamma and other fixes.


    Updated to 4.2.1_r1.2 (JOP40G)
    Added Pie from ParanoidAndroid.
    -Ability to change pie,date,b/g,clock colors.
    -Ability to choose trigger area.
    -Ability to choose Pie size and trigger area.
    -Ability to toggle search menu and search key in Pie.
    Added GB style recent apps action to navbar buttons.
    Allow Custom Icon Tinting Option in navigation bar.
    Added CPU boosting interface.
    Added national data roaming.
    Added Long Click for Brightness Tile.
    Added LastApp Toggle.
    Added support for variable size pattern lockscreen.
    Added Mms auto-retrieval.
    Added setting in security for sms message rate alerts.
    Added ROMStats. ( Please submit your report. Will really help us out :))
    Added option to disable waking up the device when a charger is plugged or unplugged.
    Improved scrolling cache.
    Accept all mimetypes for inbound bluetooth file transfers.
    Option "None" replaced "Open" in Wi-Fi AP Settings of Wi-Fi Hotspot
    Add button for new APNs appear in the action bar.

    Bug fixes:
    show SELECT ALL icon with text in landscape mode.
    Lockscreen: respect global vibrate settings on longpress unlock.
    simpler RAM bar implementation
    Fix NFC Tile not showing actual state after reboot
    SystemUI: fix long-press navring targets not opening in keyguard
    SystemUI: fix current window minimize animation in recents
    RAMBar - show available memory in the old way
    Fix alt layout icon for H Data
    QuickSettings: fix missing GPS state
    Adjust kernel data stack TCP parameters to optimize performance
    Fix for truncated sentence in "Find on Page" field
    frameworks: Display missing text on SimUnlockScreen
    fix potential memory leak
    fixes to make wifi priority work
    frameworks/base: Fix to avoid crash when the tab is not set from app
    Fix leak in videoEditor
    Remove possible leak in AudioGroup.cpp
    TextToSpeech memory leak
    Remove possible leak when exception occurred.
    Fix starting window memory leak
    Update thumbnail when file is updated
    Re-read shortcut labels if the language has changed
    Allow three digit phone numbers
    Prevent audio players starting on startup.
    Don't wake the screen for media playback events while using headset.
    Lockscreen Targets : Make multi-user compatible
    Bluetooth: Change Sampling Frequency to 48 kHz.
    Bluetooth losing HF connection to car-kit after 5 seconds
    Accept all mimetypes for inbound bluetooth file transfers
    Bluetooth: Use proper holo alert drawable
    Bluetooth discoverability to be timed out by latest setting of it.
    Fix FC if the navbar icon is null
    Fix of Settings application sort crash
    Fix for F/C in WifiConfigInfo
    Fix for battery temperature display
    Fix force close at settings application when delete Misc files
    Correct check box visibility in Display / Brightness
    Format change at "Mobile network type" value
    Many other bug fixes (Please refer https://github.com/TeamHorizon/platform_frameworks_base/commits/jb-mr1)

    Fix threads running after entering call log, possibly affecting battery life.
    Add Call statistics to Contacts (Phone)

    Fix center layout on manually lowered DPI
    Set ringtone mode even if ringer is silent.
    Phone: Ignore touch during network operators search

    allow device to sleep in off-mode charging
    reduce the power consumption in off-mode charging

    Enable hdmi mirroring on official samsung Desktop Dock.


    Updated to Android JellyBean 4.2.2_r1
    Added new status bar date settings.
    Added Notification sound-to-vibration conversion toggle
    Added quick record tile
    Added CRT screen on/off animations toggle.
    Added new wallpapers by Vicino.
    Compiled with the new tons bionic patches. (Improves performance)
    Make the HSPA+ drawables more consistent with the HSPA
    Added support for ToroPlus (Spr Galaxy Nexus)
    Always use hardware acceleration for keyguard (Decreases lag)
    Improve SD read write speed for all the supported devices.
    Updated build fingerprints.
    Updated all the apps to 4.2.2.
    Updated PIE Color scheme
    Updated busybox
    Add fstrim support to restore NAND/eMMC write performance.
    Lockscreen Targets: Icon Revamp
    SystemUI: highlight quick settings and notification clear buttons
    Sound Toggle: Improve logic with new icons.

    Bug fixes:
    Fixed notification bar not sliding up with the back button. FINALLY!
    Fixed date overlaying on time in tabletUI
    A metric-butt-ton of cherries from AOSP's Gerrit.
    QuickSettings: fix GPS graphic state logic
    Pie: bug fix against missing search agent
    PIE: Panels are centered and have margins
    PIE: exiting pie panels in landscape
    QS: Fix Brightness, Favorite Contact & User tile FC in TabletUI.
    QS: Performance update
    Quicksettings: fix updating 2G,LTE and WifiTether tiles
    Telephony: Consider EVDO ecio zero value as valid.
    Navbar : Fix left over glow
    Increase themeability of Clock, Signal, Wifi in statusbar
    LockscreenTargets : Dismiss on target select
    Fix Quiet Hours not muting notification sounds
    Fix notification cutoff at slim dpi
    Lockscreen: remove mAppWidgetContainerHidden instead of hiding it
    Sprint MWI Quirk: Phantom message wait indicator workaround
    Fix longpress action for tehter toggles
    SystemUI: unregister ContentObserver (Fixes memory leaks)
    Fix NavButton AlphaGlow when pressed
    Rewriten Menu-UI overflow
    Added focusable true on search_button for D-pad.
    Add dimens value for tabletUi and make them overlay compatible.
    Fix possible integer overflow in MtpStorage
    Fix AndroidHttpClient leaking connection
    Lots more internal fixes.

    delete whole function (log, sin, etc)
    graphs functions (mostly)
    graph, matrix panels in menu
    graphing actually decent now (few bugs though)
    bug fixes for graphing (graph on del, on start up, fix for negative numbers)
    wolfram alpha for functions
    graph works in separate thread, updated icons
    graphing optimizations
    bug fixes in graphing, buttons in matrices
    new ui for adding matrices
    click to remove matrix
    save matrices on rotation
    depricated code, begone!
    solving matrices works (screw order of operations)
    okay, probably important - displays matrix answers
    multiple sizes for matrices
    catches for matrix exceptions
    fixes for line breaks in graphs
    bug fix for tablets and back button
    tablet panels
    updated graphics
    bumped up graph resolution (might be too slow)
    changed package to com.android2.calculator3
    matrix scrollable, dot product, cross product
    hex and bin support (no button yet)
    new page with Hex digits, a few optimizations
    dec, hex, and bin don't work properly atm
    calculate in hex, bin
    null pointers occasionally, selected input should stay highlighted (ie:
    dec button should be blue if set to dec), and it should save the mode
    when minimized
    save mode on close
    see selected mode
    set selected mode on load
    doesnt save mode, buggy
    fix bug where loading would fail if activity finished
    fix crash when converting
    rearranged hex page, graphing fixed
    display descriptions on long press
    pulldown image added, error handled better
    bar is draggable
    bar snaps to top/bottom, goes up on back
    limit drag height
    better handling for dragging
    show history
    increase text size in history
    curse you, padding, curse yoooou
    remove pages
    calculate rationals in hex/bin
    click to open/close history
    remove function page, support for complex numbers
    fixed history getting overwritten
    copy from history
    hide paste when nothing to paste
    comas in answer, fix rotation bug
    fixed crash with decimals in hex/bin
    removed outdated code
    fix image stretch
    matrix add icon swapped out
    manually merged a few changes from upstream
    icon is uniquely ours
    limit max width in history
    bugfix with history height and keyboards
    add matrix button changed back to match better
    removed comas in results, localized equation when graphing
    (bugfixes for languages other than English)
    attempt at fixing mismatched formatting
    zooming in graph shouldn't have been enabled yet
    removed hardcoded values in graph
    preparation for zooming
    bugfix for null graphs
    swapped out matrix add button
    translation fix for nl
    zoom enabled on graph
    bugfixes for graphing
    Smoother, animated history bar
    Fixed crashes with log/ln
    Fixed crash on mdpi devices
    Fixed blurry images on xhdpi devices
    Tablet UI redesigned
    Smaller bugfixes/tweaks

    Camera: (Please note the camera app should not be deleted or replaced by the gapps.)
    Added ISO support.
    Added new CM HDR.
    Added power shutter again.
    Added color settings.
    Added picture quality settings.
    Added various scene modes.
    Added various focus modes.

    Added privacy mode notifcations.
    Use a more familiar 'mark as read' icon
    Added the option to hide sprints vm text messages, but still allows sprints vvm to receive messages.

    Phone and Contacts:
    Fix center layout on manually lowered DPI
    Properly highlight nickname matches
    Make sorting more intuitive
    Highlight whole matched entry for pinyin matches instead of nothing
    Fix call grouping
    Show formatted number in T9 result list
    Fix display of missed calls when filtering for call type and sorting by count
    Fix display condition for minutes

    Updated kernel to the one provided by daxxmax. (Temp till I work upon our own) (Flash some other kernel if facing performance or battery issues.)
    Added USB OTG support.
    Fix gpu speed formatting

    Enable USB OTG storage
    Enable rndis support for USB Tethering

    Updated kernel to enhanced stock kernel by faux.
    Enable krait optimizations.
    Add mako's audio package


    Added AOKP style transparency center
    Added option to choose from legacy toggles or newer quick settings.
    Added option to auto-hide navigation bar
    Added advanced low battery indicator options
    Added configurable notification behavior
    Added reboot menu toggle
    Added sleep toggle
    Added power menu toggle
    Added pie toggle
    Added toggle for quiet hours
    Rewritten pie from ground up, has its own section in ROMSettings.
    -Fixed bugs
    -Fixed pie not appearing sometimes
    -Added last app toggle
    -Clear all button
    Added new navigation ring section
    Added open source superuser by Koush/CWM
    Added DSP Manager back!
    Added more stock custom vibrations.
    Rewrote the color picker
    Updated CMFileManager
    Updated Apollo music player
    Hide statusbar clock also for DashClock
    Make Camera shutter follow device sound setting
    Increase media volume levels
    Vectorize Bitmap operations
    More bionic optimizations
    Updated props for grouper, mako, toro, maguro and toroplus
    Lockscreen Targets Icon Revamp
    Much more optimizations

    Bug fixes:
    Fixed missing settings, ime and other icons from quick settings
    Avoid "phantom" status bar collapsing
    Optimized Battery bar
    Fix Battery bar 2dp and 3dp graphics glitch
    Audio continue to played even if paused manually
    Fix the message when Bluetooth is turning off while on the tethering menu
    Navbar and navring: remove screenshot option
    Add check for sw600DP screens

    Updated the kernel to latest enhanced kernel by Faux

    Update GPS for faster and more accurate lock
    Updated kernel
    Fixed DSP Manager for tuna

    New matrix page design (Designed by Nicholas Bourdakos)
    Tutorial on first launch
    sin, cos, tan in degrees or radians, based on settings
    arcsin, arccos, arctan on long press
    Graph zoom in/out/reset buttons (Designed by Nicholas Bourdakos)
    History has a cleaner design (Designed by Nicholas Bourdakos)
    Widget for lockscreen/launcher
    Exponents "jump up" like you'd expect them to
    Bugfixes. Lots of them.

    add exposure and JPEG quality settings to video camera

    Change Android emoji back to original emoji set
    Add "Insert contact info"
    Restore correct drawable for save button


    XenonHD Stable v7.0 Changelog - XenonHD


    Add back backlight brightness curve adjustment
    Allow theming of lockscreen
    Fixed PIE last app bug and other few bugs related to pie.
    Fixed camera force closes
    Fixed tapatalk and all the other app force closes.

    XenonHD v8.0 Change log - XenonHD

    XenonHD v9.0 Changelog - XenonHD
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    Which file name do I use for the xt926?
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  11. kac8866

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    Oct 21, 2010
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    Newark, DE
    Loving this ROM. My favorite so far!
  12. upjeeper

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    madison, wi
    any update on the camcorder or tethering?
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