ROM 1.43.605.3 710RD Stock ROM Rooted and Deodexed - status?

Discussion in 'Droid Incredible Hacks' started by Nyobie, Aug 5, 2012.

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    I found very little info on the Android version 4.0.3 SW number 1.43.605.3 710RD, rooted and deodexed when I searched using Google.

    I previously had an HTC Thunderbolt that I rooted and had no problems with until my husband's unrooted Thunderbolt flaked out after having been dropped a few too many times so he has taken over my rooted phone and I've bought the Incredible as a replacement. I thought it would be neat to try due to the smaller size and also because it came with ICS.

    So now I'm looking for a rooted version of the SW and found it here, but the chatter seemingly indicated problems. I'm not a developer so I wasn't allowed to post a question to ask if the rooted version was ok or not and whether or not I had to take any additional steps beyond the rooting process to eliminate one of the error messages they were chattering about.

    [ROM] Stock Rooted and Deodexed 1.43.605.3 710RD - xda-developers

    Is there anyone here who knows where I can find a rooted version of the stock SW I mentioned above? I want to go back to using Titanium Backup which I really liked having but the only version I think they created is for rooted phones. Unless there's a better alternative for backups, I'd like to root my phone so I can use TiBak.

    Thanks in advance!
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