Restore Your Motorola Device With A Stock Image With RSD Lite

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    If you own a Motorola Device and you like to mod you will want to be sure that you know how to SBF your device back to factory settings with RSD Lite. RSD Lite is the program that is used by your carrier to flash stock images to your device. This is the only way to recover from a brick and should be used as a safety net when modding your Motorola device. has been the go to place to get your stock files for all Motorola devices. You can still find files for older devices like the Motorola Droid X, OG Droid, and the Droid Bionic.

    To flash the stock:
    Download The latest Motorola USB Drivers
    Download RSDLite For Windows
    Download The Motorola Firmware for Your Device

    Load the Stock Firmware into RSDLite and Flash away! Full Instructions at the source link below.

    Via DroidViews
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