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    Wasn't sure where to post this, so here goes.

    I have an original droid that has been replaced several times for numerous issues. Latest issue is outgoing sound quality is terrible. Talked to vzw, and this is a known issue they are working on.

    The rep I spoke with was very nice, and well informed. We discussed that the sound quality being a known issue, would not be solved by sending me another replacement.

    Instead, she offered to ship me a new droid of my choice (X, Incredible, or Droid 2) for $199 plus $99 rebate. Essentially, $99 in the end. This leaves me with several questions, so id like your opinions.

    First, since this is a known issue, should I push a little harder and try to get new one for free?
    Second, which droid should I take? I've ruled out the incredible. I like the physical keyboard, but could be swayed if the X is that much better.

    So please, send me your opinions on which is the better choice, and why.

    Also, since I get to keep this droid, what could I expect to sell it for? (E bay etc...)

    Lastly once again, do you think if I pushed a little harder I could get it cheaper if not for free?

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts!