Recover 'Rejected' Text message???

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Soraplayerkilla, May 12, 2011.

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    Android version 2.2.2 (using stock messaging app)

    So this morning an incoming text message was rejected, because internal phone storage was too low... of course i didnt know it was too low to get a message until one was sent (or tried to be sent) to my phone. I know how to delete data and cache and all that jazz so i can get messages now, but my main concern is where did the incoming message go that got rejected??? tried turning the phone off and on a couple times and its been about an hour now and it still hasnt shown up even though i have been able to send some to myself and get them.

    here is a another forum with a couple hundred people talking about the same thing
    Issue 11045 - android - cannot receive SMS messages when internal memory is low - Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project - Google Project Hosting

    from what i understand the message is supposed to be sent back the carrier and be qued to be sent back but for some reason they are being picked up by the phone and instantly deleted?? and to add to that I checked online at and no record of it even being sent to me?? I see alot of people ask how to clear their internal storage but no one seems to care about that message they never got, SO anyway to see who sent it or anything, or is it just lost in android oblivian??

    What is this googles lil hidden secret?? thousands have experienced this problem but no one ever wondered what happend to that text??!
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