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Discussion in 'Droid RAZR Support' started by Xfactorx316, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I'm in need of some help with my corp. exchange email account. The account has been loaded on the phone for almost a year with no issue. I receive a lot of email through my job. One email is a report that I get hourly. I have it set up move to a folder in outlook. I also have that folder set up on my phone to sync in the background. About a month ago my coworkers bought new phones. One got the SIII and the other got the Razr HD (I am using the Razr - Rooted w/ .215 -- I know... I know what FoxKat and Matty are thinking....I haven't made the jump to the bean yet) There phones were stock.

    Anyway, I set up their email accounts and they also receive the hourly email I was mentioning. They both noticed that they couldn't open this email. I had to adjust the settings on the S3 and no problem getting the emails to open on that phone (still is not having an issue). I could not get the Razr HD to work. I then went in and checked my settings and realized that I too could no longer open this email. I never got the full email because of the size and I only needed the first few sections. Any thoughts on how I can get this email to load on the Razr's? I know people are going to suggest alternative email apps like K9, but I tried it and it wouldn't work there either. Besides for some crazy reason I like the stock email app. Below is a screen shot of what the email currently looks like. Only those of us with the Razr are having an issue, we have people with Iphones, DX2, S3 and even BB that have no problem getting this to open correctly. I know I must be missing something simple here!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Razr Screenshot.PNG