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    dancedroid One of the reasons I bought the motorola Razr (apart from its spec which is ideal) is to use it in a Motorola work and play kit - hdmi connection to TV and a pair of Bang Olufsen active speakers wired up via the headphone socket on the rear of the dock. I know the speakers perform well when connected via the phones headphone socket, and I can control all aspects of the speakers via Poweramp, altogether I am hoping the work and play kit will make a great viewing and sound medium. Anyone got any thoughts as to the power handling capability of the dock? The speakers will just act as though they are headphones, so I can't see that as a problem, but maybe you know different ......

    The phone wont be connected to any wireless or hotspot devices so internet wise it only going to be able to run on 2G or 3G, which is fine cause we don't intend to download films or anything byte hungry. Can I make the assumption that having a darn great TV attached via the hdmi lead won't detract from the phones performance? I cannot see why there should be any problem but shout if you think it makes any difference.

    We don't have 4G here in the uk and even if we did I doubt it will work efficiently unless it in some major city so I am effectively running the phone at a slow pace. Is there any sort of amplifier I could use that would benefit the speed/reception?

    Thanks for reading :biggrin:
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